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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Wainui camp

I load up my bow, pull back my string and... wait. Let me tell you my story from the start. Just a normal day at home and, WAIT, I'M AT CAMP, I’VE BEEN KIDNAPPED. Oh I  remember, we came here yesterday. We get up, get dressed, have breakfast, and get ready for our first activity. We do orienteering [which I found the slightest bit boring]. So I won't try to bore you till you die. After orienteering I did archery which I have to say was SUPER fun. We played tons of fun games and we also got an apple and put it on a hay bale. But I'll tell you about that soon. One of the games was when, if you hit a certain colour, you go to a certain place, in a certain way, with a famous person [some of them were quite bad]. I got all the bad ones. So after we did that we did a competition. My team couldn't make up a name so our instructor, Ben [we all called him Ed Sheeran] said we could call ourselves the rain bows. We lost the game but I think we got 87 points, well after that we got the apple and someone ended up shooting it and who ever got it got to ride on the back of Daniel's back, but Daniel hit the apple so a girl called rachel got it instead.

This is my class at camp.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Near death experience.

Swirling around like crazy, pretty much speaking an unknown language and... wait! Let me tell you how I got in this situation from the start. It was a pretty rainy day and my nana, my brother and I were going to the pool, which my nana suggested as soon as I’d got the TV remote and sat down. So after about 5 minutes we jumped in the car and off we go. It took us about 20 minutes to get to Rolleston and when we did I got in my togs and got straight into the lazy river. So I do a few laps until my nana comes in and shouts to me “JAY, WE’RE GOING INTO THE SPA NOW!” and my reply is “NO!” and I went in the deep pool instead. And this is where it starts to get bad. My brother comes in and I had no idea what was going to happen next (which is obvious because I don't have time traveling powers or anything like that). Then my brother shouts “LET’S GO WRESTLE!”. So we do, and obviously my brother jumped on my head, wouldn't get off and nearly drowned me! I survived by prising his hands off me and swimming out of his reach. And that's how I survived to write this story today.

The end

While I was writing this I was learning about punctuation and how to use my bright sparks. I would put myself on extended abstract for punctuation because I put commas and full stops where they needed to and used speech marks when someone was talking, I also help other people with punctuation and spelling.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Science journal

Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data.
Today we made slime and we poured it all on Mr Anderson. Most of the slime was chunky, some was slimy and liquid and I think it's because the other classes made slime differently. The way our class made the slime was with water, cornflour, greenish dye and vanilla essence just to make it smell good, but like 5 minutes later it smelt bad again.
I'd put myself on unistructural because my only observation was to smell the slime and the teacher had told me to have a smell.

Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment
Today at the rocket balloon experiment my observations were relational because I got many observations and and I made them reliable and I think Samuel was as well.

Week 3: Rocket Balloon Experiment

Today Samuel and I did the rocket balloon experiment again, but instead‍
we put paper on the balloon and the results were averaged because I don't think our balloon went any farther than 1m. I'd put myself on multistructural because I got a lot of inferences but they weren't connected.

Week 4: Trebuchet

Today, well a few days ago our teacher brought a thing called a trebuchet which is a type of catapult. We made a chart that had these three words on it.

Weight                              Projectile                         Distance

One of my observations was that less lead weights made the ball project less further than if we put more weights in the counter weight.

 The farthest we got the ball was 26.1m

I'd put myself on midway between unistructural and multistructural because I got a few observations but I don't think they connect.

Science journal week 5: Flight VS Gliding

This week we have been learning about flight. We looked at flight and gliding. We found the differences between flight and gliding. It left me with lots of wonderings, like what would happen if the body of a plane was too heavy? And what would happen if the engine was too big or too small? And how far and how long can a plane glide for?

I'd put myself on multistructural because I got a good amount of observations but I'm not so sure if I made them connect and I'd put myself on unistructural for inferencing because I made one inference.

Science journal week 6: origami parachute

This week I made a origami parachute, as you can tell from my title. We all tested them but lots of people said that there parachute wasn't that good. My parachute wasn't the best either, it kept rolling and drifting off to the side. I think this was because the paper strand was too short or the paper was too heavy.

I'd put myself on multistructural for observations because I got a good amount of observations but they don’t connect.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Responsible citizen

Are you a responsible citizen, if you are then you have to follow the rules and if no one did that, the world would be a dangerous place and people would get hurt, people would be in prison and every kid would think it would be okay to rob banks. The reason why this quality is important is because it keeps us safe and stops us from getting hurt. My mum follows the rules and laws because she drives safe and doesn't go over the speed limit or drunk drive.

You also have to be role model. A role model is someone who shows people how to be nice and what to do in our community. If this quality was missing then people again would be in prison and the world would be crazy and chaos. My dad is a role model because he drives nicely on the road and shows me and my brother how to work stuff out like fights or problems.

You also need to be a helpful bystander. A helpful bystander is a person who helps people who are getting hurt or bullied. If this quality was missing then a lot of people would get hurt and no one would be very helpful. The reason this quality is important is because it is nice to help people with bullies and to make sure they know that there is a person always there for them.

And last but not least, you need to care for the environment. If we all didn't do that the ocean would look disgusting, and rubbish would be everywhere and we would probably all have to wear gas masks because of the pollution. The reason this quality is important is because us safe and keeps the world clean and green.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Hard out tough kid challenge

It was a cold spring day. I was shivering with goose bumps all over. We all filed into the bus, then after what felt like hours, we filed back out. We all took our seats at the stadium. And finally it was our turn to run. The hooter went off. We all sprinted as fast as we could.  A few minutes later we reached our first obstacle. And with all my might I pushed myself straight over the stream. After many more obstacles I reached the end and it was A GIANT BLOW UP SLIDE. But I first needed  to tackle, handle, dodge and jump all the of the thingymebobs, climb up a ladder and take the leap of faith, before BAM, I'm finished.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Metaphor poem

I am a Ford Focus, always looking ahead.

I am a the Eiffel Tower, unbreakable and strong.

I am a ice cream truck, attracting all the kids attention, with chocolate ice cream.

I am an apple, red and shiny.

I am a giant pancake, every ingredient has an important meaning to me.
am a winter jacket, warm and fluffy.

Ko jayden ahau

I am jayden

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Pokemon go is taking over

This term my class has been learning about  how to make speeches. The thing I was learning was to use    structure. I can use parts of structure, but it lacks balance, connections or flow. I used many ideas connecting to my point of view. I used several language devices to persuade and connect with the audience. I felt good when I presented my speech and after I was happy I did my speech.

Please click here to listen to my speech

                    PÒKEMON GO
Have you ever been so interested in something that you've never noticed what's going on around you?? Well, that's pretty much what my speech is about. And no I'm not saying when your house getting robbed and your watching TV or your in World War II and you're wondering what going to have for dinner in front of heavy gunfire, it's when you don't look up from your stupid phone catching pokèthinges with poke balls
It's like a zombie apocalypse. People,staring at their phones, bumping into each other and walking into trees so that’s why you should deleted this new very addictive app. Even though we have 100 other problems in the world like child starvation and the siren war and stuff like that. It isn't one of the worst but it's causing a lot of deaths, it's pokemon go.

People are finding pokemon in very odd places like toilets and hospitals. Once there was someone having a baby and there was a pidgey right by the bed . The husband was trying to catch it, after she got really mad. Someone also risked his life getting a weedle in Antarctica, I know crazy right,I don't even know if he or his phone survived. People are even  falling off cliffs trying to catch a geodude, falling in ponds struggling to get a Squirtle and even driving into trees catching a sudowoodo. Someone's probably falling off a cliff right now. Actually probably not, but it could happen to you if you get too addicted.

So that's why you should delete it. If you know any people who are addicted, tell them that the game is dangerously dangerous for they could die from it. I'm gonna create a  new app and then that might go viral, it won't be better than pokèmon(cos the Pokemon creators made like nine BILLION dollars in less than a week) but I might get some money, also I would have done something good on my computer for once.

By Jayden. S